e-Learning Professionals can offer a profit impact through increasing Human Capital Knowledge. 

We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations. FAST.

OUR MISSION...is your mission!

to listen and listen again and understand where you want to be, then discuss potential options TO GET YOU TO YOUR GOALS with a clear path.

​​Business Activities and Sample Projects

With GLOENTERPRISES.COM Greg has continued to consult with Fortune 5000 customers. Relationship's with companies such as Halliburton, Dell Computers, Turner Construction, Exxon, Texaco, Tarrant County College, City of San Antonio, Mary Kay Cosmetic's, NASA, The Treasury Department to include a 5 year project with The Internal Revenue Service and the FBI and select military divisions. Greg has had a 30 plus year relationship with Southwest Airlines.
One of the benefits of working with such large corporations and groups is that those similar business practices can be applied to 50 to 2,000 employee organizations and larger with quick results. Engage your employee and watch how your culture will improve and how fast it impacts YOUR profit!

​Before starting GLOENTERPRISES.COM, Greg Olgreen was introduced to a small 10 million dollar consulting/training company and Greg sold and assisted in closing the most strategic 7 figure e-Learning projects. Anderson Soft-Teach purchased International Learning Systems then rolled out TEACH.COM. A strategic alliance was built with Ernst n Young and after 2 years, E&Y bought TEACH.COM and rolled out Intellinex-an e-Learning Division of E&Y. AST started as a $10 million company and over 5 years grew to over $130 million.

Projects included:

  • 5 year project to move over 100,000 employees from 70% instructor led training to 70% computer based training via-Branded CD's, CBT, LAN and WBT. Projects were so successful that total Treasury was authorized to have access to all the custom developed course-ware.
  • We helped one of the worlds largest construction companies to develop courses that were mandatory for all contractors to complete before working for the company and the courses were endorsed by OSHA. 
  • Rolled out compliant training to faculty and staff at a 5 campus college. Also offered MS-Office CD's for family members.
  • Helped to improve the sales team skills at one of the worlds largest Consumer Home and Office Equipment, Healthcare and Industrial Products Co. 

Before consulting Greg Olgreen was recruited out of college into management at May Company. Greg Olgreen was mentored by the CEO and ROI, Bottom Line, Cost per Unit, Expense Percentage to Income led him to managing a Distribution Center that supported 5 states and with over 25 stores. The formula's to assure we would be managing at the best possible financial outcome led the DC operation to start brand new logistic delivery methods. These methods led to doubling the capacity of the DC and adding 35% more room on 40 foot trailers. When Sanger Harris merged with Foley's, Greg Olgreen was one of the first in management to be transferred to Houston from Dallas, Texas. He was sent to head up and integrate all the contract businesses that included restaurants, carpet business, alterations, fur storage and extended warranty sales, at the Distribution Center. Greg re-engineered every department, built a multi-million dollar processing center and quickly saw how effective and engaging, that proper training of staff would impact a business so rapidly. Localized training led to such quick and direct focus on profit impact for the company. Employee's and contractor's understood what they meant to profit and using a cost per unit, they understood how they could affect their income. Greg Olgreen delivered strong profits and built departments that ran on their own with little management over-site. Within 3 to 5 years, Greg turned every department into a profit center. The many lessons learned in budgeting, staffing, customer service, keeping staff and contractors engaged in the big picture have continued to pay off for Greg. He is able to help you identify opportunities and assist you with fresh idea's.

The most important message here is that we will quickly review your situation and help to expand your value proposition. We will align our recommendations to strengthen your targeted outcome. Keeping our eye constantly on controlled expense and improving profits to keep shareholders interest.
WE SPECIALIZE IN:   Profit improvement through sales increase, expense reduction, process design, building best practices training to see behavior modifications to increase productivity. We identify skill gaps and offer detailed options to assist you to increasing revenues. For a free initial meeting to discuss your company's direction, call us or fill out our contact request.
Greg L. Olgreen - PROJECT MANAGER and Founder.

Current Passport; DL-Clear; OSHA Certified Fork-lift 08/2019; TWIC current through 2018.


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